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Tanques de água



In 2020, a new legal framework for basic sanitation in Brazil was approved (Law No. 14.026 / 2020), aiming to standardize rules and provide a legal framework. The goal is to attract investors to implement projects and to improve services currently provided. Ultimately, it can lead to the expansion of drinking water and sewage treatment access to a wider range of the population.

For the next decade, investments in the range of R $ 500 to R $ 700 billion are estimated in the sector, associated with job generation, healthcare costs reduction and life quality improvement. These initiatives should result in the reduction of diseases and deaths caused lack of basic sanitation.

Coverage expansion and household waste collection services, recycling, use of suitable landfills for waste disposal, and eradication of open dumps are objectives of the new sanitation framework. According to the Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning Companies (ABRELPE), the solution for landfills in Brazil requires around R $ 30 billions of investments.

The main development banks in the country have already set the segment as a priority.

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